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when some one is stairing at your really hardcore. it could be really good or bad it doesnt matter, it depends on the person
she was ice grillin me real hard
додав big tim 6 Грудень 2004

Слова пов'язані з ice grillin

hater smile maddoggin meanmuggin hater alert madogin smile symbol of hatorade
To stare at an individual incessantly. Previously known as maddoggin and meanmuggin, commonly used by haters as an outlet of (often vindictive) attitude.
Dem haterz need 2 stop ice grillin a brotha just cuz I'm da
flyest pimp n da hood
додав co'caine 3 Квітень 2007
to give some one a stare down or dirty look
yo those cats were ice grillin like crakcas in december
додав cryptic07 5 Вересень 2005