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a.k.a. "Jon the Incredible," "Captain Jon the Incredible," "Increible," or "Incredible J," this refers to...well, Jon the Incredible. Originating from EBHS, the term is just another title for the World's Sexiest Pirate.
"Incredible doesn't need friends. He needs a mirror."
додав Captain Jon the Incredible 11 Березень 2005
mindboggling, so good it's hard to believe, wow, awesome
John is so incredible.
додав Anonymous 7 Серпень 2003
You`re the definition of it.
You guys are incredible.
додав sayuri 29 Травень 2014
something or someone that leaves you speechless and takes your breath away
My boyfriend Dalton is absolutely incredible isn't he?
додав hayley <3 4 Листопад 2008