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Indieviduals are what I have started to call all of the hipster kids these days that are anything but individual. Most of them go out to see movies like "Juno" because they think that it is an independent film, which will earn them indie cred. However, they buy into movies and music like that, which are funded by major production companies, making them completely mainstream. These kids go to websites (completely mainstream ones) to buy their "indie" clothes and find out exactly what music their "indie" cult is listening to that week. It is absolutely pathetic to me that any person can throw on a peacoat and a messenger bag, pop the spill canvas into their cd player, drink some 20-word long coffee drink, and call themselves and individual. I think that these days, any kid who just wears their old navy basics and listens to music like the police and the rolling stones is an individual just because they don't buy in to all of that crap that mainstream labels have labeled "INDIE."
Indievidual #1: What are you planning on doing today? I think I'll just read my super alternative copy of Nylon.

Indievidual #2: I'll probably just keep sipping on my grande soy non-fat decaf columbian latte with three pumps of passionfruit sweetening syrup and then catch a matinee of Juno, then listen to dropkick murphys, since they're super indie, you probably haven't heard of them, though

Indievidual#1: (while totally lying) Oh, I have, they're really good.

^ Those, Ladies and Gentlemen, Are Indieviduals ^
#indie #artists #posers #individuals #unique #people #caffeine #cults #mainstream
додав Strawberry Van Garrett 19 Січня 2008
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