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Noun: the queazy feeling you get from being upside down; space sickness
додав Aantgray 12 Лютий 2003

Слова пов'язані з invertigo

bro bro code brotigo cock-block wingman
o yeah and btw these arent real u can just add a definition of ur own if u want haha
додав Anonymous 22 Січень 2003
a word made up the the one and only WaLsH...not the gay ass oliver Han...cuz hes a fake who didnt master DDR and who is no the real invertigo
додав WaLsH 22 Січень 2003
Term generally used to describe people who have mastered DDR. Ultimate breed of human unparalleled by the rest of mankind. Epitome of human evolution

There is only one Invertigo and that is OlLiExInVeRtIgO ;)
додав Anonymous 22 Січень 2003
oliver ur stupid thats not the meaning and its not even a word...and ur no the oG faggot i am
додав Anonymous 22 Січень 2003