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(adj) expressing stereotypical traits of a jew based upon the need for instant gratification and often used to manipulate others who are not cognizant that they are being victimized until it's too late or the situation has already been resolved. (n) a person who is jew-wise.
What a freakin jew-wise, he totally left early to dodge the bill." "She was jew-wise about the engagement; she made him feel so guilty about wanting to wait a few more months that not only did he pop the question the next night, he also bought her the ring she picked out and put on hold.
додав GLA9998 28 Липня 2010
A based person who is aware of the machinations of the tribe. Often silent, although a legion. They bide their time in wait for the final push of the crooked schemers. All will be understood when the time comes, and they will be the champions of the next phase, not self-professed chosen people.
Life was confusing and depraved until I became Jew-Wise.

Dr. William Pierce is legendarily Jew-Wise, Dr. David Duke is on the right track as well.

Jew-Wise White women are the happiest people in the world, because they've found what they've been convinced isn't what they're looking for, and recognize the lies they've been told. They have intelligent and moral white children who are taught to not behave as violent or depraved social and sexual degenerates, who historically built the pillar of morality and social progress.
додав Equal Oportunity Ethnic Cleans 07 Серпня 2016
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