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founded by John and Paul of Exeter and derived from afro-american gangsta "gyeah". pronounced "Jib" in the fastest and loudest possible manner.
"Hey, lets hit the pubs, get some nosh, maybe a few more pubs, then onto the quay yeah?"

додав Paul Roberts 10 Травень 2006
2 8
1) To like something (see example 1)

2) If you don't know what a jib is you get promoted (see example 2)

3) A form of punishment (see example 3)
1. "I like the cut of your jib" (IE - I like what you're saying).

2. Person A - "I like the cut of your jib"
Person B - "What's a jib?"
Person A - "Haha, promote that man!"

3. "WTF??! Drop and give me 50 jibs!"
додав Lugs-o 3 Жовтень 2004
17 23
Coming from the Lexicon of Stoner-maximus
Meaning to slide, or attempt to do so on a rail, tree, or other, with steeze (see steeze)
dude, i jsut jibbed this phat rail
wow, i cant believe we found this perfect jib!
додав budfroggy 5 Липень 2004
4 10
A term for the labia, generally applied to those which dangle more than average or take the apperance of beef curtains.
"I'm not fussy with women, but I can't be dealing with dangly jibs man. Thing is, by the time you find out it's too late, you can't just bring it out in conversation on a date like 'oh, by the way do you have dangly jibs?'."

"I saw this girl on TV who had her jibs cut down. She was really, really pretty but I can totally understand why she wanted them chopped, you saw everything"
додав duel AKA Milky 2 Листопад 2009
8 15
two meanings 1.(jib)masturbate 2.(jibbin) masturbating at this moments time

john:"bye you guys am off home for a jib"
dave: omg i bet johns at home by now jibbin
додав will horwell 22 Листопад 2007
2 9
To prod with object of a pointy variety/finger also something to pierce tinfoil with when you are making a tinny lid for a bucket or bong
I'm gonni jib you ya prick
get wae the jibbin ya fandan
додав Nicky Donaldson 12 Вересень 2006
2 9
jib mountain biking,originated from jib snowboarding,doing tricks on man made objects.
i jibbed this 3 foot ledge to 180 tail tap.
n.to jib
додав matt 13 Грудень 2003
33 40