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n. a form of sexual protection;a Condom
U can beat with out that jimmy hat
додав Deathscythe 3 Квітень 2005
Ubiquitous tourist tat of Scotland: A tam o'shanter hat (a kind of tartan beret with a pompom in the middle) with ridiculous red hair attached to it, designed to make tourists look like they are trying to blend in with mythical highland natives.

Also known as a See You Jimmy hat.
Get that fuckin' daft Jimmy hat off yuir head, ye twat. D'ye want tae get us beat up?
додав Fergus Ray Murray 17 Травень 2007
THE J I M M Y the J I M ...it's Jimmy. Famous Boogie Down Production's (BDP) song about condoms and condom use. Jimmy hats are in Full effect
Always roll strapped with a jimmy hat
додав Salvatore Vincent 26 Вересень 2005