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to feend exesively , to crave heavily
i'm jones'n for a line
додав bobthecock 18 Березень 2003
213 54
To really crave something. Such as a food or drug that gives you pleasure or relief.
"I'm really jones'n for a cigarette right now."
додав Orange Crayons 5 Грудень 2012
5 1
to engage in conversation with the opposite sex, both on the phone and in person, or to spend time with them. due to this, there is a severe decrease in the amount of time spent with one's bros. sometimes, a disease can develop which leads to one becoming addicted to jones'n which is called jones mcnasty aka james yi or erinn knox.
matt: yi, you have been jones'n all day with that girl, and you haven't gotten anything

yi: man shut up you a beech

додав jones mcnasty 22 Вересень 2008
14 55
chillin, or having fun
AJ: yo let's go to the party, mad girls are going to be there son.
Ed: aiite man, we jones'n tonight!!!
додав jspaid 21 Червень 2007
12 90
To excessiveley masterbate in one day until the shaft is brutally raw.
Damn all that jones'n made me tired.
Only if I jones'd more I'd be like Long Dong Silver
додав Long DOng Sullivan 16 Березень 2006
28 151