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merry. gay. joyous.

(and this is the REAL definition folks. found online and in the dictionary.)
the jovial choir lit up the room and caused a standing ovation.
додав darksongbird 9 Квітень 2009
Someone who has good style, good dress sense, and generaly looks good!
"Those jeans are Jovial!"

"Shes well Jovial"
додав Dave Potter 5 Грудень 2006
A feeling of tremendous happiness
"By george, I feel so jovial today, Charles..."
додав Trimm 21 Жовтень 2003
what metrosexual men say when you ask them if they are gay.
Me: Are you gay?
My Uncle: Well, I am happy, but I like Jovial better!
додав gillberg 11 Березень 2005