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Term given to a young girl with high sex appeal, fresh skin and a shapely figure.

Often related to curves of a round butt and large breasts.
Person 1: Damn that girl is so hot. Her 34Es are so juicy!
Person 2: I just wanna squeeze those juicy jugs. They would drip sex if I did you know.
додав Matt Bateman 13 Травень 2003
758 309
Thick and curvacious.
Wow thatgurl is juicy.
додав ALEXANDRA 18 Квітень 2004
378 209
The best goddamn song ever. Made by Biggie.
Juicy is the illmatic song
"Birthdays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay"
додав Vin Fata 13 Серпень 2004
524 360
Condition that occurs in the female gender when they are sexually aroused that causes wetness and/or moistness in the vaginal area.
Bitch, get juicy!
If she gets mad, reply, No, juicy drinks you pervert.
додав Dr. J 19 Березень 2004
434 278
a girl who is thick in all the right places
Look at that white girls juicy booty!
додав ilovebooty 27 Липень 2008
118 75
In a sexy mood. The feeling of a women before having sex. Wet
"He made me fell real juicy last night!"
додав The cherry 1! 16 Липень 2005
95 54
1. Someone who is extremely attractive, better than sexy. Higher than beautifully.

2. Godly, amazing, jizz making.

3. Awesome, extreme, perfect.
1. To be honest, you aren't sexy, you aren't beautiful, you're Juicy!

2. Man, this burger. It's juicy!

3. This song is pretty fucking juicy!
додав Mr. Juicy714 2 Квітень 2013
53 15