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the art of being a complete failure in every aspect of life
wow you are really good at kellying your life
додав KIKA876 8 Лютий 2010
53 212
1. the office ditz
2. a brunette or redhead that acts like a blonde
1. We have a new sales rep that got tranferred from Utah and Kelly asked him if he spoke Mormon.
2. Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, and almost every woman that's been on The View are kellys.
додав your dog 12 Березень 2008
316 486
kelly is the name used by a ten cent whore and is most often defined as a fat assed girl dreaming of pumkins not as a coach but as in huge greasy pies that will add to the zits on their face hoping to find a blind man to read the bumps on her face that say "I'm a pig and it's good that you're blind so you can't see how fucking hideous the craters on my fat ass match my face. Really just another whore but cannot supply change for a quarter so she has to settle for being a true slut and charging a dime because she cannot sing at all.
Dude, that decease ridden kelly the ten cent whore , took on the New Orleans Saints for a dollar last nite and let them all have seconds for free as a bonus for being the second rated super bowl winners !!
додав momma's boy grown all up 8 Лютий 2010
45 220
Slang term for ketamine
let's snort some kelly.
додав Vostok 30 Жовтень 2007
169 370
the art of going in a strop for no apparent reason.
"whats she doing?"
"shes doing a kelly..."
додав wee dave 17 Травень 2008
124 329
A temporary boyfriend / girlfriend until your crush comes around. Named after "Kelly Girls", from Kelly Services.
They won't last, that's his kelly until Miranda is ready to hook up with him
додав Rod Beatty 17 Листопад 2006
114 338
a surname for a SQUARE headded person
oh kelly u have such a square head
додав jt3173 24 Січень 2008
105 432