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To get everything included. To get all the bells and whistles.
The Combonation.
I thought she'd buy me a fishing pole for my birthday.She bought the the whole kit and caboodle,hooks and everthing.

I brought her a stove,refrigerator,microwave oven and dishwasher,the whole kit and caboodle.

Instead of buying our entertainment center piece by piece. We went ahead and got the whole kit and caboodle.
додав Clump A Clay 17 Вересень 2007
everything, the totality
Get the whole kit and caboodle.
додав The Return of Light Joker 25 Вересень 2007
An ass and vaginal region
"I got busy with your moms and got all juicy in her kit and caboodle."
додав LeRoy 22 Січень 2004