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A type of instant rice used by the hungry.
Elizabeth- I'm hungry.

Jordan- Let's make knorr!!
додав khaki joe 8 Липень 2009

Слова пов'язані з knorr

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v. To do a girl so hard she is in crutches or a wheel chair. Can happen to men too. knorring, knorred, etc.

n. The one who does the knorring
1. Dang, that girl got knorred hard!
2. The doctors say that after that knorring last night she will be in crutches for the next week or so.
додав emanya 5 Вересень 2011
Romanian derived word, largely colloquial usage base. Equivalent of the English word "Gnaw", used usually as a substitute word for fellatio. To knorr the penis for the purpose of sexual stimulation.
Damn, that bitch last night knorred me so hard she almost knorred my dick right off.
додав mcj604 8 Травень 2005