The best fucking band in the goddamn world. People who like Korn are not mallcore, faggots, pussies, goths, or potheads!!! People who think Korn is weak metal should fuck themsevles in the eye sockets. We are not mallcore!!!! I love Korn, but I also like slayer, Pantera, Metallica, iron maiden, Dio, lamb of god, and tons of other great bands. Don't be a shithead and judge bands on their genre without listening to them! Judge them on how well they play, and Korn plays extremely well. So the next time you bash Korn, you try and play as well as they do, pussies!
kid 1- what are you listening to?

me- korn.

kid 1- They suck!

me- have ever even heard them? and can YOU play the guitar, bass, drums, and sing as well as korn?!

kid 1-, no, no, no, and

kid 1- *slice* (kills self)
додав Paul Joyce 28 Червня 2006
koRn is a band that has led to a revolution of metal. Back in the 90's metal was getting old and dull. koRn emerged from...uh...bakersfield and broke that chain of music. they use their guitars in drop D to make the sound heavy. this band has been set to lead the Freaks of society to musical salvation. The band recently was dropped by Brian Head Welch and is now only 5 members.
Jonathan Davis---Vocal/bagpipes
David Silvera---Drums
James Munky Shaffer---Guitar
Freak On A Leash
Got The Life
Falling Away From Me
додав Tofu Lipalini 01 Березня 2005
Rhymes with Porn
I just wanted a chance (fuckshitslutmidget) to show off my (bastardfucknutstomper) incredible terrets syndrome (buttcrackmotherfucktard)
додав slutmidget 25 Липня 2003
No, Korn is NOT a "band for 13-15 year old gothic kids who smoke weed in their back yard."
1) Adults listen to Korn
2) Why do you have to label us as 'goths' just because we like the colour black. Labels are for soup cans, not for people
3) I don't smoke weed and I love korn so you can bugger off.

In terms of an actual definition, Korn started as a metal band in 1994 with their self titled album. personally, I don't like it as much as some of their other abums but it's apparently one of the best. Other albums include Follow the Leader, Life is Peachy, Untouchables, Issues and Take a Look in the Mirror. (Yhese might be in the wrong order and I'm sorry for that....) They are also releasing a greatest hits album and have now released See You On The Other Side which, in my opinion, is the best album yet. It is brilliant. They are kick ass live.
Described as Linkin Park, but heavier. This is only true in some sense.
Their style has been copied very often, but I still think that they're the only ones who can pull it off that well.
Are currently one band member short because he left to lead a full religious Christian life. It's a shame, that...
Boy: I'm going to a Korn concert. I'd invite you along, but I think that you won't like the screaming. Maybe you should stay up and do your nails or something.
Me: *raises eyebrows.* You don't have to invite me along. I bought my own tickets as soon as they were released.
Boy: You like them?
Me: Duh. In case you hand't notice, the sexist days of 'boys listen to metal and girls listen to britney spears' is well and truly over. Piss off.
додав Kori (Age 15) 26 Жовтня 2005
Awesome Nu-Metal band that originally formed in 1993 and released their first album titled "Korn" in 1994 since then they have released Issues, Life Is Peachy, Take A Look In The Mirror, Follow The Leader, The Untouchables and See You On The Other Side. Before Korn was formed, Frontman Jonathan Davies was in Sexart, who only ever released one song called Seven, which i recommend you listen to. Also, before Jonathan joined, Munky, Fieldy and Head were in a band called LAPD, which stands for Love And Peace Dude. Korn like to present themselves and their fans as "freaks" and as such merchandise is available with the tagline "Still a F**king Freak" and their album covers and clothing usually features images which some people may call strange or disturbing. As for me, Korn are my favourite band and if people want to make fun of them and say that they are a band for little 13 year olds to listen to and say it relates to their life, then thats their business, but i would just like to say that i am 20 years old and i love their music. They are a very talented band and leaders for other bands to follow
Most famous Korn songs include
Freak on a leash
Got The Life
Right Now
Another Brick In The Wall (very good pink floyd cover)
Falling Away From Me
додав YourFriend 30 Липня 2006
A German liquor made of grains, known for being cheap for a spirit. It is very popular in its home country. It apparently tastes like cereal.

Not to be confused with the band Korn.
Is the korn in this bottle flammable? Let's find out.
додав The Moaning Sheep 09 Березня 2009
Korn are an amazing nu metal band!!!!!
Whose songs fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are famous for their songs " clown" and "blind" !!
Its great to be horny but its even greater to be Korny!!!
додав Rockers will win!!! 22 Червня 2006
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