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A red headed ginger gelatinous fuck.
worthless in most aspects of life, and severe inability to pick up girls or get laid.
Johnny: do you see that ugly fat ginger getting rejected by every girl in the bar?

Sean: ya dude, he's a fuckin kukulski.
додав B.A.M.F.1 17 Червень 2009

Слова пов'язані з kukulski

down fat gelatinous blob kuku reject ski spc that guy unhealthy virgin
A kukulski is a ginger with a general downtrodden appearance and thoughts of his own demise constantly on his mind as a result of his low self esteem.
Person 1, "your buddy seems like something's wrong."

Person 2, "yeah, he's a serious kukulski."
додав m sternack 22 Квітень 2009