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A awesome friend who doesnt care that lard is his nickname, wicked sense of humour!!
"Hey Lard"
"Hey what"
додав elese, em, milly & shannon 27 Січень 2009
15 20
someone who is being stupid, annoying, bad a something, or their just fat and eat everything

Dylan: dude Connor ate all of our food.

Kyle: dude he's lardy


Dylan: dude Eathan is hella annoying and only eats fucking goldfish.

Kyle: wow what a freaking lard....
додав lardlover 17 Жовтень 2011
3 10
animal fat

or a person thats really fat and thinks it super funny

a funny looking fat thing
Jabba the Hut.... what a lard?!?
Put some lard on that pan girl!?!
додав meaniewtf 8 Червень 2009
7 14
An expression used to convey feelings of annoyance, irritation, dissatisfaction, or general disgust towards a particular situation, or a comment made by somebody.
"Man, that new Vin Diesel movie is amazing!"
додав Mitch Martin 8 Серпень 2007
13 22
An annoying fatass whom you still hang out with even though he's a moron and his speech and thoughts never make any sense. Alledged to have marijuana flowing in his bloodstream.
Why thinking like Lard you dumbass.
додав gongkia 27 Грудень 2003
26 35

2. A quantity of food (or drink) which may contain caffeine or carbohydrate. It will serve to keep a man on his feet & keep him able to complete the working day.
"If I don't get a cup of lard in me then I will probably die".

"Lard on". (Usually proclaimed upon arriving home after work).

додав Stuey Atrium 3 Грудень 2003
8 17
See Also - Mcdonalds
"I'm gonna go get me a lard"
додав Therapist_ 3 Липень 2005
9 19