also known to be "I give a fantastic blowjob"
John: ...learned the clarinet at school *smiles*
додав itssherlockbitchezzz 03 Листопада 2012
Top Definition
Euphemism for "I give great blow jobs"
John: I learned the clarinet at school
*sherlock eagerly removes pants*
додав marzia 03 Листопада 2012
The term "learned the clarinet at school" is most commonly used by persons as a way of conveying the fact that they have been known to give fantastic oral sex, particularly on male genitalia.
"I learned the clarinet at school." John said, sending a wink in the direction of his room-mate.
додав Calliope987 03 Листопада 2012
I give a fantastic blowjob.
Dude: Mary, why should I date you?
Mary: Because I learned the clarinet at school
додав dudeinasock 03 Листопада 2012
a euphemism for "I give a fantastic blowjob"
Person 1: so, any special talents?
Person 2: learned the clarinet at school.
додав facething 03 Листопада 2012
give a fantastic blowjob
Girl: EYYYY BOYy guess what? I learned the CLARINET at school.

Guy: Ohh gurl my bedroom is just a taxi ride away
додав twotwoonebee 03 Листопада 2012
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