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a lesbian.
shes a lemon licker.
додав donia+maria 20 Вересень 2003

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Minging beehutch. Taken from the well known fact that your face becomes screwed upon the licking of a lemon.
Person 1 "Toodle pip! What a Lemonlicker!"

Person 2 "Yeah, she has blatently had too much of that citrussy goodness..."
додав Si Todd 2 Березень 2004
1.) A person or team that loses a competition or game and does so with a bad attitude. 2.) A person that has a bad attitude or who continually goes around with a scowl on his/her face.
The Bulldogs beat those lemon-lickers!

That girl is just a real lemon-licker.
додав The Dental Doc's Kid 12 Вересень 2013