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Pertaining to lesbian activities and lesbian nature.
"Your friends are so lesbionic."
додав Mikey Roadkill 2 Жовтень 2004
108 25
The cunning art of lesbianism.
додав mary mary 6 Червень 2003
79 22
Half-lesbian, half-machine!

May exist in hentai. I'm not sure.
Will Lego come out with Lesbionicles?

She wasn't just an android, she was LESBIONIC!
додав junkyard prince 14 Жовтень 2003
83 28
referring to a person/object/word/place that looks like a lesbian/something a lesbian would wear/say/go to!
"Say something lesbionic."
"Home Depot!"
"Boy George, you are gay!"
-Jack with Rosie O'Donnell on Will & Grace
додав iLoveMySC 5 Березень 2005
75 25
referring to anything of a lesbian nature
Ok dude....this is starting to get lesbionic
додав sillysausage 29 Січень 2006
49 11
to be lesbian like, acting like a lesbian
I would love to cuddle with you, but in a non-lesbionic way
додав SJ FACTION 7 Грудень 2005
25 15
Adv: refering to lesbians
"That book "women of the silk" had lesbionic overtones!"
додав Drunken Goddess 13 Лютий 2005
18 12