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used in the opposite situation as win, usually when something disappointing has been mentioned
A: I think I just failed a math test
B: Lose.

A: Fuck, Starcraft II doesnt come out for another year.
B: Double Lose.
додав vx14 30 Листопад 2007
same as the verb, but treated as a noun.
What a lose, I just dropped my ice cream cone.
додав Lex Luther Vandross 22 Березень 2004
1) Noun: an undesirable action; a snitch; a bothersome individual

2) Adjective: used to describe something unfavorable

3) Verb: to do something that is seen as wrong or obnoxious
My bitch ass brother is such a lose; he tells on me for everything.

School is a huge lose.

Why would you do that? That loses.
додав H Town Blizzard 15 Листопад 2007
To break up with a girl if she ain't doin anythin with you.
"I'm gonna lose this bitch if she don't give out."
додав footballstud580 3 Квітень 2004
to leave or go out
I'm lose
додав the infamous chocolate 23 Жовтень 2003