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a phrase used by the gallagher brothers (from the band oasis).
if you are 'mad fer it', you like it alot
...yeh im fookin' mad fer your hat
додав mandy 9 Листопад 2003
328 28
to be a fan of the best band ever (oasis)
i am madferit!!!
додав madferit 14 Березень 2003
166 46
(Sometimes spelled as Mad Fer It), is a term used among fans of the British rock band Oasis to describe another very committed fan to the band.

These term was made famous by Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, who stated "It refers to be so much into something..." when asked about his music in an interview.
"Are you a madferit???"
додав madferit_96 9 Жовтень 2006
128 10
Name used to call Oasis true fans. The ones who can give their lifes for the band.
Yeah.. I've became a Mad Fer It, since i listened to the last Oasis album.
додав arg45 28 Вересень 2010
71 15
The Number One Source Of Oasis Media
додав anonymous 13 Серпень 2003
34 27
Horny. Sexually intense. Turned on. Lust for life.
I was mad fer it at that oasis concert
додав Sean Adam Simpson 25 Вересень 2003
53 123