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when you're wearing tight pants, and you kneel down for something, and the seam splits your ballsack creating a man clam
The other day at work, Ray picked up a box of paper and had a giant man clam going.
додав cornwreck 8 Листопад 2008
a vagina which was once a penis
Lady Gaga has a man clam
додав kmshim 24 Травень 2010
When a man has bunched up pants in the front that resembles a pair of pants in a vaginal crack (aka camel-toe). Similar in apparance to a moose-knuckle, the man clam lacks the "junk" pushed over to one side.
He was sporting a really bad man clam in his chinos.
додав tngal 18 Квітень 2011
Originating from Manhatten Clam Chowder Soup. Man Clam evolved into what was once known as a mangina where a man tucks his shit back and therefore make a man clam.
Robbie does the best silence of the lambs impression with his gnarly ass man clam!
додав Tom Roofer 21 Червень 2010
a homosexual males anus.
John went clubbing in search of some man clam.
додав kevin 29 Листопад 2006