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1. Strong-smelling toiletry (cologne, aftershave, showergel, etc.) foolishly employed by males of the human species who lack a sense of smell and who believe that their use of said scent will make them more attractive to the ladies (when, in fact, it will cause nosebleeds).
2. Axe
"Whoa. Boyfriend needs to tone down the manfume. The stench of his Axe is making my eyes water...and I'm standing on the opposite side of the street!"
додав Scaro 19 Травень 2007

Слова пов'язані з manfume

cologne perfume axe man scent stink aftershave male man-fume odor smell smelly stench
1. The odor that lingers after a heavily cologned man passes by.

2. Man perfume.
Ugh, you get a whiff of that manfume?
додав MissErika 17 Травень 2007
noun- the word realtes to all types of scents, fragrances and perfumes worn by men
Jake wears very strong man-fume.
додав JeSuisJesus 5 Квітень 2009