Someone who REALLY loves trains and probably New York.
Person 1: Oh man, when I get on the early morning metro to go to work.... my body just explodes into this uncontrollable fit of excitement and pleasure.
Person 2: You're such a metrosexual!
додав felisCschrödinger 20 Жовтня 2013
1. Used to describe yourself when you find people on the metro attractive
2. Someone who wants to have have sex with people they see on the metro; Someone who flirts with people on the metro
1. I was standing next to the cutest guy coming home on the metro today. I was so metrosexual.
2. I can't handle these metrosexuals before my coffee.
3. I had my headphones in and this metrosexual guy still wouldn't leave me alone.
додав shmeowmeowmeow 10 Липня 2013
If a guy got swapped into the body of a woman, the metro would still be able to get dressed in time for work...
Stans and his metrosexual past gave him the knowledge to easily sort thru the complete mess of make-up, hair products, shoes and fashion this lady had so he could fix his hair, find matching panties and a sexy outfit just in time to catch the 8:30 train.
додав eliotno3 25 Червня 2010
A sophisticated straight man who likes to shop for and wear fashionable clothes, shoes etc. Not to be confused with Typical Gay males who have a keen eye for fashion.
I heard it used on TV once where Ryan Seacrest was admitting to being a Metrosexual. He was refering to the fact that he likes to go shop for style-ish and fashionable apparel. So, next time you see a guy who is sporting some fly gear don't jump to conclusions about his sexuality.
додав The All seeing Eye 30 Квітня 2007

A man that takes care of his body like a woman. For example; laser hair removal treatments, Brazilian electrolysis permanent hair removal ,full leg waxing, makeup. Pedicures and manicures. May also enjoy body lotions and professional massages. Paint his toenails because it makes him happy. Myself for example; I'm metrosexual who paints his toenails blue, purple, or any color he wants; he gets laser treatments, body lotions; also professional massages to relieve body aches and stress; he does not wear he may or may not wear facial makeup or not. Its basically all about choices for make-up. But ultimately Metrosexual is a lifestyle not a sexual Preference.
Some may say......

- x That guy isn't Gay he's just a high maintenance man aka "Metrosexual". Who cares about he looks. I asked him, and he said he stopped caring what other people thinks of him a long time ago! So what if he has smooth legs from all the leg waxing he gets. Who cares if he paints his toenails or wears lotions. I always see him all the time, looking at any hot looking women that comes into view. Never once have I ever seen him look at a man!
He just got his new "Pretty as a Peach Body lotion" and he has a Brazilian Electrolysis Appointment, then a Deluxe Pedicure after that to paint his toenails blue. Then next day a Exfoliating Facial at 1pm. And this guy just ordered Body Butter Cream with Shea Butter from Avon. Hes not smooth clean sexy legs no hair on his arms hands armpits no hair in Brazilian area as well. This dude is totally the modern Metrosexual.
додав Metrosexual_Man 23 Липня 2016
If you're pretending to be gay to get close to a girl, but she starts to catch on, and she asks you what sexuality you are, it's your best answer.
"Are you gay, cause you act gay, but you were staring at my boobs," "I'm not gay, I'm metro-sexual."
додав Anonymously obvious suspect 31 Січня 2014
A metrosexual is a strait male who is well in touch with his feminine side who typically grew up around female siblings only. They always stay very dapper (even when checking the mail) must have a pair of shoes to go with every outfit and will always conduct themselves in a proper manner. Normally somewhat of a pretty boy who uses all the gimmicks to enhance their appearance a metrosexual can usually grab the attention away from an attractive woman in any setting. They get scoped out by guys checked out by gays and draw a certain intrigue from woman including one's with younger children. The level of respect towards woman is on a higher level than the typical male and they are willing to intentionally friend zone a woman who is physically attracted to them regardless of her appearance which is another reason why they can be mistakenly viewed as being gay.
додав Dorian Southwest 20 Серпня 2013
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