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A responsive answer to a question, either by saying mhmm as in "yes" or "suuuure"
Person A: Im tired, are you?

Person B: Mhmm
додав Anime-luvah 22 Січень 2006
This word is usally used to say 'sure', 'yes', or 'okay'. sometimes you use it..in a sarcastic was being like 'sureeee i believe you'. I sometimes use it when there is just nothing to say.
Rob: 'She is H-O-T, HOT!'
John: 'mhmm'


Rob: 'Yesterday I went skinny dipping in the sand.'
John: 'mhmm'
додав LetACryOut 1 Березень 2009
An ethnic response in the affirmative.
ED: i sure do love this fried chicken!

George: mhmm
додав Ryan1090 9 Червень 2008
n. deep, thoughts
Are you doing good today? Mhmm
додав Aditi Bandhariasma 28 Вересень 2008
to do with things being good, or a way of saying good, liking something.
"i mhmm you"
"i mhmm this pizza"
"this chocolate is really cheap, and nice. mhmm"
додав IloveJinglez 29 Серпень 2009