a Class A Idiot

now before we get carried away thinking this word is new, very much not, i'ts said in 100's of classic TV shows and movies, from Stooges to Gleason, in the three Stooges its been used in the same way we use it today, they even went so far as to use it as the names of characters
Moe Howard as Dr. Mook Schlepper
додав Cosmic Pope 24 Липня 2010
A homosexual, A faggot, A Fruity
Brandon is being a mook
додав Leonardo Dicaprio 19 Квітня 2016
A woman's clitoris; A fuck boy;A Grade-A D-Bag

See fuck boy
Jee,Johnny is such a mook

last night I got to touch her mook
додав loco chickita 22 Травня 2015
One really beautiful girl and one badass bitch!
Watch out for that mook
додав 5242drew 14 Травня 2015
A mook is Travis. Plain and simple.
Travis is a mook
додав Thommmmmmmmmmas 28 Березня 2015
A person who drinks up all your juice
Chile im boutta hide this Simply orange juice with banana cause that mook finna come over.
додав Zda 21 Лютого 2015
When a dog starts to growl & shows his/her teeth.
Be careful, Rover is starting to mook at that other dog.
додав Endowed With Wisdom 16 Лютого 2015
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