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synonym for crystal meth
i'm addicted to morbi.
send help.
додав definitely not jumana 24 Лютий 2005
9 0
To have three or more chins
Whoa!!! You so morbis you could be a BBW model!
додав Dr Jean Claude Van Wandeag 1 Березень 2010
5 0
One who steals cookies

Synonym for cookie monster
Who stole the cookies from the cookies jar?
MORBI stole the cookies from the cookie jar
додав Me 13 Березень 2005
7 6
--a guy dorky enough to make up a definition for his name saying hes sweet with the ladies
--calling yourself hot, cool, and "sweet with the ladies"
додав hottie 24 Лютий 2005
8 11
Morbi is the coolest guy in chicago
Morbi is defined as hot, cool, and sweet with the ladies (and guys)
Id like a piece of morbi
додав HOtness 12 Лютий 2005
3 11