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after having missioary sex and you pull your penis out of her vagina, you then go to pull your leg over the female, as you dismount her and the bed.As you leg comes around and your ass is towards her face you flatulate.
When tim has done with his trick, he mulliganed her while dismounting to make his way to the bathroom.
додав g money 2 Липень 2006
1:Mulligan- A sex position which involves the use of the anal, and a shoe.
Last night, Lilly and I did the mulligan all night long.
додав Cpry-Ryan-Tony-Justin 21 Серпень 2005
2:Mulligan- A word used in replacement of F.
"Oh, go mulligan yourself..."
додав Cpry-Ryan-Tony-Justin 21 Серпень 2005