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Overly sentimental or affectionate in a cliche'd way
Some of the love scenes were extremely mushy
додав G-M-C 23 Березень 2005
325 80
1) adj. alittle bit overly sentimental

2) adj. soft and malable
1) That movie would have been better if they didn't make it so mushy.

2) I like mushy fruit like bananas, peaches, and tomatoes.
додав l7ol7e 13 Березень 2005
168 79
Halucinogenic mushrooms. Usually of the genus Psilocibe.
"Aaaarrrr man, these mushies are fucken intense".
додав Anonymous 23 Червень 2003
114 27
another word for mushrooms.
like shrooms
i tripped on some mushy's in santa cruz
додав d-frick 11 Червень 2008
13 5

Overly crowded, hot, humid, sweaty, uncomfortable rubbing against people. Often used to describe social events including but not limited to: clubs, bars, partys, the gym, etc.
James: "wanna head to club dub tonight?"

Nick: "Nah, I hear its mushy tonight, lets head to Absinthe and dance"
додав DuckyWonton 11 Вересень 2011
30 28
A verb to define the last minute act of pulling out of a social calendar event, or alternatively to not show at all (without notification).

Verb: To pull a "mushy".
Guys, something's come up. I'm afraid i'm going to have to mushy out on this one.

They had to mushy out of the party.
додав t8rb8r 1 Серпень 2010
52 51
Something that is so incredibly weird that it is deemed strange by freaks.
Hey dude that guy over there is totally mushy.

That trick was so mushy, never seen anything like it.
додав MonkeyFunkDamio 3 Грудень 2011
13 14