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Short for banana
You kids wanna naner for breakfast?
додав steve918 19 Травень 2011

Слова пов'язані з naner

Dick that looks like a banana.
Mr. Naners had to peel his foreskin like a banana.
додав wolf emperor 4 Липень 2011
Naners are your typical, run of the mill, obstacles which provide the ability to never steer clear. Typically, these are the "bananas" which became "bananers" which has finally become "naners". For references of other inept possiblities for the word naners, please see the word hivnor
He just can't avoid the naners.


That monkeyman/gorilla sure loves his naners!
додав Triniteers 28 Жовтень 2005
An awsome player of a game called graal online, who everyone seems to love.
She is the greatest person on the game. Although this player is not as popular and loved as Malinko.
Naners is so cool.

That naners, whew, she's a babe.
додав Jstar massacre 12 Травень 2008