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A black man fishing in a boat; Or a band of black men dressed as vikings.
Looks a that negro-saxon fishing in the river.
додав Taylor Gulledge 22 Жовтень 2008

Слова пов'язані з negro-saxon

negro black fag fishing saxon scene viking whitekid wigger
A group of black men fishing in a boat.

A group of black men dressed as vikings.
Wendy: Do you see those negro saxons fishing off the shore?

Tom: Yes, but i think they may be invading.
додав Taylor Eaton 27 Жовтень 2008
Also known as a Wigger, any white kid acting black
Derived from Negro-black person and saxon-Native to saxony of england
Negro-saxon-Yo yo man!
Normal person- Get the fuck away fucking negro-saxon
додав Mr.Madness 17 Грудень 2009