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the slang veirson of anyway.becomes newayz
newayz was up wit you ?
додав breshell 14 Квітень 2004
26 6
It's an even more ridiculously messed up version of Anyway..
mostly used in chat rooms and texts.
Newayz gtg now, mum's bk at the door!
додав Swaroop 17 Листопад 2007
9 3
used to get on with the conversation when someone is talkin about somethin that doesnt need to be talked about and iz annoyin cuz a bitch ass trick is trying to make u feel stupid about somethin.
bitch: "yeah girl and i was with donte last night and he was talkin bout how he never wanted to be with you.."
gangsta: "NEWAYZ!!..'
додав Colleen 19 Квітень 2004
8 8
my word. used 4 dissin and dissmissin discussin or hushin. said loud and spainish type .i say it when my girls need it said. they say now i do my thing. stop hatin k-town stay down. t.n pimpin
c~girl lil walt tryna hit again,now
uh oh ~nnee wwaayyzz
додав uh oh rep 865,706,&423 4 life 9 Липень 2004
2 7