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double dose of of nice with a mix of grats and recognization.
-Dave "Check out my new car Mark, took me a year to save up for it."

-Mark "Right on Dave, nicenice indeed."
додав nulify2 4 Грудень 2009
63 5
A phrase meaning sexual relations or sexual contact.
Bill: What'd you do last night?
Ted: Got that nice nice.
додав moosefacekilla 26 Травень 2010
12 5
(n.) when a male and a female eyeball each other and there is an immediate sexual attraction.

A: this new coat i just bought is getting me copious amounts of nice-nice!
B: that's great man, just great.
A: whatever, i'm gonna go see if your mom likes it.
додав Jesse Rondinelli 16 Лютий 2009
3 1
Nice nice

1) Pussy
Roman: did you go clubbing last night?

Tim: no just to the bus station to get some nice nice from a random skank
додав XClanNeon 7 Серпень 2011
3 7
Signifing to not care about some thing that has been described.
But when said with entushiasm expresses great interest.
"Yo I got a new game yesterday"
"nice nice"
"Yo I kicked this guys ass yesterday"
додав navi 4 Грудень 2004
12 16