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A world that means "o really" in Spanish used commonly by Salvadorians in a sarcastic way
guy 1- just banged da grl i told i told u about
guy 2- y u lying
guy 1-na for real dude
guy2- oooooo siiiiiii jajajajaja
додав ElonlyS0n1x 27 Серпень 2007

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a cheap-ass, lolicon lover, bisexual, asian, sexy beasts-hater ,bastard.
You're such an osi, you should go die.
додав =P 26 Грудень 2004
True elite sexiness wrapped up in a homosexual vibe, or execing the cfg.
I want to be like Osi. - I want to be elite, sexy and a cfging homosexual
додав Osi 13 Лютий 2003