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A word commonly used by extremely cool people (samantha and shelby) as an abbrieviation for "obvious'
Samantha: That girl is so hairy
Shelby: Obv
Samantha: Canadia is the greatest country ever.
Shelby Obv

obvious abbrieviation
додав Shelby Schmitt 17 Березень 2011
21 28
a shortening of the word "obviously".
dillan is wicked gay, obv.
додав just let it be submitted 14 Червень 2008
15 27
a short form for the word obviously, commonly used by Liz and her friends.
"I'm obvs going out tonight."
"The grey sweater is obvs the only nice one."
"She obvs failed miserabley."
додав LIZI. 11 Вересень 2006
18 58
Owned by vac
a term used in counter stike to mean that you were banned because you hacked or cheated.
Yo, you hear that trevor got OBV yesterday
додав jains89 26 Квітень 2006
9 80