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The "Oriental Hang Back" to a faux exit from a party or other social event in which the Oriental Hang Backer initially agrees to leave with their friends but subsequently decides to stay without informing their friends. Excuses such as "I'm just going to find the bathroom quickly - I'll meet you guys outside" are often used as an excuse to return to the bar, dance floor or a romantic acquaintance and continue doing what they were doing before they agreed to leave in the first place. Oriental Hang Backing can often be blamed on extreme intoxication, horniness, or FOMO. The term is an antonym to the Irish Exit.
Friend: "Hey man, what happened to you last night? We waited outside for like 20 minutes while you were in the bathroom but the girls got cold so we had to take them home..."
Hang Backer: "Sorry dude. I pulled an oriental hang back and kept trying to make out with some blonde I had just met at the bar..."
Friend: "thanks for the text you fucker... please tell me you were at least successful"
Hang Backer: "Nah, apparently she was a waitress there so her manager kicked me out. I was hammered."
додав Stevie Darkside 21 Листопад 2013

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