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an all-out crazy party; partying at one place with a ton of people like there's no tomorrow
That palooza last night was so wild.
додав CCASS 26 Листопад 2004
415 171
A crazy fuckin party whose purpose is to re-release an indivivual back into the world of dating when their significant other dumps them, ending a long term relationship.
Mitch-A-Palooza (from "Old School" the movie)
"Man I was so smashed at Mitch-A-Palooza, I woke up next to some chick I don't even know!"
додав Davers 9 Квітень 2006
316 221
The art of throwing a very drunken extravagent party with a plethora of friends. Whoever is throwing the palooza usually adds their name as a prefix to the word. Paloozas are usually held on Wednesday.
Did you go to Daveapalooza?

Yep, I don't remember it though!
додав Anonymous0999 10 Липень 2008
166 96
Suffix, added to almost any word or term, such as "fun-a-palooza" or "drink-a-palooza".
This gathering of friends is going to turn into a drink-a-palooza.
додав 5by5 3 Липень 2005
19 7
A big Norwegian festival.
Are you going to the Quart-a Palooza?
додав Eliten2 19 Липень 2008
66 96
A party that usually lasts for the whole night. And non stop fun
new years eve party that lasts the whole night
додав SNAKE 22 Лютий 2005
97 128
A wild crazed out mutha fuckin party that no one will forget
Shit son did you hit the Allie-A-Palooza over break?
додав Spida 3 Січень 2006
75 165