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A social networking / chat / forum site which has become a home for the over 35 outcasts of faceparty. Conversations normally revolve around soap operas, bumming and felching.

Use of the word cunt is forbidden throughout the site, but displaying ones rat is perfectly acceptable.
I used to think faceparty as cliquey until I stumbled across partipeeps
додав darrenchalkdom 13 Серпень 2008

Слова пов'язані з partipeeps

cunt brother bumming chat chat site chav faceparty felching forum meets networking rat social
A chat site commonly used by loners who generally have no real life friends and refer to utter strangers as 'sister, wife and brother'while sinking deeper into their fake leather recliner
Partipeeps 'hey sis lets meet '

' He's not my sibling but hes my mother'
додав lifes-a-beach-and-three 6 Лютий 2009