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Also known as a rosary. A pearl necklace given by a priest of a catholic church, usually given to a young alter boy unsuspectingly.
I was jerking off my priest and he gave me a rosary (or pearl necklace) as a parting gift.
додав Brent C 3 Липень 2006
see tittie fucking
додав joce 8 Листопад 2002
when someone releases a ginormous jizzload on somebody elses neck.
it is of Afghani origin.
1. my bro fogey be poppin a pearl necklace on bari's asshole...
2. i gave pliskins younger sister a pearl necklace.
додав blattmoney 26 Листопад 2004
a woman wraps a pearl necklace around her hand and then proceeds with a well balanced hand job
as seen on sex tips for girls
додав Janine Myatt 28 Квітень 2004