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a funny way of saying penis = P
he has a funny looking PENISH =D
додав dumbfrosh 22 Квітень 2006
the quality of being penis like
amanda has a penish looking face
додав chet holstrom 28 Вересень 2007
A funny way of saying penis when you're mad.

Can be quoted from a game that most youtube poopers love: Super Robotnik Land. Robotnik yells this as he smacks enemies away with his penis. (Look up "robotnik and his gameboy" on youtube, you'll surely find it.)

A sound clip taken from the quote "snooPING AS usual, i see."
(Robotnik walks up to enemy)


(Robotnik proceeds to cockslap the enemy's face, throwing them off screen.)
додав heretical-cubes 23 Лютий 2009
The hillbilly way of saying penis.
Yew have a penish!
додав DsLikeJesus 22 Червень 2010
a state of deep contemplation
peter and arielle were in a penish about what to order from the restaurant
додав Mackenzie Schuler 6 Травень 2007
An ish penis, a small penis.
Friend 1: how big was it?

Friend 2: let's just say he has a penish.

Example 2:
Person 1: his penish was so small it felt like nothing.
додав XOXOyourewelcomeXOXO 2 Серпень 2013
(adjective) of or relating to a penis. penis like.
his hair cut was quite penish.

if you stopped being so penish, you might have a better chance of being of payed attention to.
додав privatmike 20 Серпень 2009

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