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A derogatory term meaning Mexican or Latin American.
The redneck at the gas station said that Jose was a pepperbelly.
додав PMax 10 Лютий 2008

Слова пов'язані з pepperbelly

mexican beaner border hopper redneck spic wetback
a Mexican, (derogatory, From the stereotype of Mexican food as having a large amount of chili peppers and the resulting racist presumption that Mexicans are overly fond of chili peppers)
A Fight broke out in the middle row of the audience when some southern guy called a Mexican American in the cast a Pepper-belly.
додав The Return of Light Joker 20 Грудень 2009
a racial slang term to describe hispanics. it comes from the stereotype that hispanics like to eat peppers.
do you really need an example???
додав Russell Berry 13 Серпень 2004