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Piccas is a slang for Pictures. Pretty simple actually... One picca for you... two piccas for me.
Has someone got some piccas for me?
додав Denagam 8 Квітень 2005

Слова пов'язані з piccas

big nose casper community dog fag german kids picca pictures white
Piccas is a German-Picture-Community for Kids
Do you have uploaded your Pictures at Piccas?
додав Chris Pach 29 Червень 2006
a big nose dog who needs a roof top to blow his huge nose, he also is a white peice of shit who can go through walls much like casper the ghost.
corey: u big fucking nose dog
picca: shut up man
додав Picca 5 Грудень 2008
Piccas is a website with lots of models and famous people.

You can add them yourself or just browse through the ones that other people added.
Say, is Lindsay Lohan already on Piccas?
додав Denagammi 17 Травень 2005