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1. labia minora of the female genitalia, which resembles the folded tortilla of a taco.
2. Bar at the Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas
1. I saw your sister's pink taco.
2. Your sister and I met at the Pink Taco
додав betasheets 5 Березень 2003
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Nothing satisfies like a pink taco.
додав Orius 3 Вересень 2002
Another term for a womans vagina.
I would like to place an order for 10 pink tacos.
додав D-Unit01 22 Грудень 2005
Another term for a female vagina because it resembles a taco turned 90 degrees and pink in color.
I sucked that virgin pink taco for hours, she loved it. And i loved it.
додав SickAsHell 27 Вересень 2005
Pink taco refers to the vagina which looks like a pink colored taco because of the lips and the pinkish skin color.
"I've got a pink taco waiting for me at home"
додав Boondocker 20 Листопад 2005
A woman's vagina
I got major pink taco Friday night!
додав Will St. Clair 20 Листопад 2003
1.Another word for a females vagina.
I want your pink taco!
додав TxStar22 17 Грудень 2006

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