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An extremely gullible person.
Egotrip is a pipsicle.
додав Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow 17 Червня 2004
Pipsicle is a mispelling of the word popsicle. sue_wallins, a made up character which I used to deceive ego_trip on IRC with, used it repeatedly to annoy and confound him. In the end ego_trip believed it was a real person who was actually mispelling the word popsicle as 'pipsicle' at every opportunity. To this day I am still amazed by his flagrant stupidity and gullibility. Above you can see his "hilarious" definition of pipsicle that he posted as some sort of attempt at revenge on sue_wallins for being a complete and utter bitch.
#1. 3:53pm <egotrip> Mills, you know how sue's always talking about eating and sucking on pipsicles? Could it cause a problem if in around 24 hours a definition for pipsicle shows up on and that definition is, "Slang term for a woman's clitoris"?

#2. 5:36pm <egotrip> Why don't you have a pipsicle?
5:36pm <egotrip> Maybe that will make you feel better.
додав TheGoldenChimp 10 Лютого 2004
Pipsicle is also a word used by a brazen adolescent who does by many names. Among these are chimp, pmihc, sue_wallins, PlasmaBeamGOD, and several others. Defined by many as an "asshole", he decided to play a trick on the creator of an IRC channel for a competing Metroid site. When I first met him as PlasmaBeamGOD, he began talking to me about Super Metroid. I told him at that time that I played the game for my first time ever a week prior. So, he of course pursued his quest to mock me. I should congratulate him, though. He was able to convince me that his asinine discovery about a game I had only been playing for a week was true. Kudos. Oh, and let's not forget the several times that I confronted him as being the same person as others. Why, I'll reveal the first time this happened:
CODEI13:06 <egotrip> you're both the same person
13:06 <brownLekktor> what's up?
13:06 <egotrip> brownLekktor is 184c1dba@ * 184c1dba
13:06 <brownLekktor> what are you talking about?
13:06 <egotrip> plasmaBeamGOD is 184c1dba@ * 184c1dba
13:06 <niXed_by_the_system> maybe he's just on the same isp?
13:06 <egotrip> you both have the same IP
13:07 <brownLekktor> where are you from god?
13:07 <egotrip> two people can't share the same IP/I/CODE
Actually, I had believed his ideas to be overall false, so that's why later on in the chat I requested that I inform the owner of the site I represented, Andrew Mills. Mills thought it was bullshit also, but he, ofcourse, preached about dreams of sugar-coated exclusiveness. So, because of him, I was forced to put up with the antics of chimp. I switched around between servers just to avoid him, but alas, he found me each and every time. I almost had him banned several times, but Mills stepped in every single time and scolded me for considering it. So, what did I do? I left the channel and let about 50 of my friends from another community tear into the sue_wallins form of chimp. Hey, at least then I wouldn't have Mills barking up my ass about it. Just at the brink of his defeat, he left with the cunning message that all of the things he did and said were bullshit. Wow, what a revelation. You only proved my overall suspicion. I created this definition in hopes that he would find it before he let it all out in the open.

Thanks for wasting my time and yours, you jackass.
Dumbasses with identity crisises use "pipsicle" throughout all speech.
додав Ego_Trip 21 Лютого 2004
Word used by sue_wallins to annoy egotrip, a gullible pseudo-intellectual 14 year old with no sense of humor.
Hey, look at this pipsicle stuff in these IRC logs! Hahaha.
додав Ballistic Machinegun 05 Липня 2004
Slang term for a woman's clitoris.
I'm going to have myself a pipsicle.
додав Ego Trip 03 Лютого 2004
Sue Wallins's favorite food.
<sue_wallins> ^^
<sue_wallins> like pipsicles!?
<sue_wallins> i luv <3 pipsicles! <egotrip> Me too.
<sue_wallins> hehehhehaewwww hee haww <sue_wallins> ^^;;
<sue_wallins> ^^ <sue_wallins> :D <sue_wallins> ^^;
додав Xin 27 Квітня 2004
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