Generally good, honest men and women who, despite the misperceptions and lies of special interests and the proletariat, want to help the people they represent. Sure, some politicians views do not represent the majority, but that is the people's fault for not being more proactive with their candidate. Some politicians are also corrupt, but not the majority. If you really want to understand the average politician, look at your mayors and state senators. They usually aren't funded by mega-corporations and lobbies, and they tend to come from average middle to upper-middle class homes.

TL;DR Not every politician is an asshole, get to know them before you judge them.
Average Joe: Politicians are all selfish cocksuckers!

Me: That's not true, I grew up with a politician for a father, and I've met and known politicians of varying degrees of importance all my life. Once you've had governors over for dinner or attended a fund raiser, you realize that they're just ordinary people who care enough about society to stand up and take a bunch of crap from people like you to do the right thing.

Average Joe: Then explain why unemployment is so high!

Me: Look at African nations, they have unemployment over 30%, we're doing pretty damn well. The reason we have so many problems is people have different ideas about how to fix America.
додав PoliticiansKid 10 Лютий 2013
Politicians make me sick. They think they can just sit back and pocket the tax money we work hard to earn. We give it to the government to help US in return. But does that happen? NO. You get some nut like Reagan spending Billions of dollars on a "star wars defense system." "You see, it works by beaming a laser into space, where it bounces off a satilite, destroying a nuclear warhead, or any missile." But what happens if that missile DOES contain a nuke? It doesnt just go away. No. The radiation from the blast would spread throughout the ENTIRE world carried by the wind at the altitude it would be destroyed. Good idea? No.
you, your friends, and my dick.
додав etta-nay 16 Грудень 2004
A politician is good at arguing. Therefore he/she is a master debater. Say "master debater" 3x fast - masturbater! Usually applies to a guy. Carries a negative connotation; implies that the boy can't ever get a girl and is lonely and extremely dorky.
Girl 1: What do you think of so-and-so, I think he's cute, don't you? Might make a good boyfriend.
Girl 2: No way, girl, he's one politician if I ever saw one!
додав M. A. S, 10 Травень 2008
an idiot who only sees one side to every argument. they only vote with their political party, thus all of america loses because know one thinks on their own. all they can do is send out propoganda and petty name-calling while nothing is done in government.
politicians blow
додав matix 14 Січень 2004

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