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A Redditor who's also an atheist, and believes that church should be separate from state. Also might mock certain religious beliefs of activism.
Christian redditors hate r/atheism topics.
додав raimonlm 07 Грудня 2011
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An organized system of beliefs, cultural systems, world views, ideas, and ideals that relate humanity to an order of existence without god. The religion of atheism crowd-sourced under the church of reddit. A sermonizing vanity project that practices ritualistic circlejerking of pseudo-philosophical platitudes originating primarily on facebook. A self-celebrating, fedora wearing scene of experts on Occam's razor. Ontological superfluity.
redditor 1: "What's r/atheism?"

redditor 2: "Oh, you mean that church of religious zealots that downvote any reference to god?"

redditor 1: "Yeah, prepare to be shadowbanned."
додав Don't use your real names. 23 Січня 2015
Despite the other definition saying that r/atheism is not a place filled with bigoted assholes, it is. Simply a visit to its front page reveals this and calling all the members of one faith "brain washed" is not only being retarded but it is also generalizing on a foolish preconceived notion based on personal experience.

The idiots over at r/atheism are incapable of having an intellectual discussion. They simply post insulting memes about God and Christians (they mostly don't touch on other faiths as they have an irrational hatred against Christians) but ask them why they're atheist and they can never give a good reason. Some of their reasons are below:

"I'm gay and God hates gays and therefore he doesn't exist!"

"My sister died! God didn't prevent that and therefore this universe came from nothing!"

They will not consider any other world-view such as agnosticism or deism. Anything disagreeing with them is "Christian" or "unscientific" even though they're the unscientific ones for relying on anecdotal claims.

Recently, r/atheism came up with a series of images where its members would take pictures of themselves explaining why they're atheist. For a good laugh, Google "faces of atheism" and go onto images. You'll find half-naked men and old balding men sticking their middle fingers up saying that they don't believe in God because they are intellectual. As if! These monkeys clearly don't know their left hand from their right!
r/atheism is the home of assholes and professional quote makers such as A.A Lewis.
додав Skialian 22 Листопада 2013
A moderately comical, moderately serious sub reddit on the website, devoted to anything relative to atheism.

Many people call r/atheism a circle jerk because many of the active members will post about popular fallacies or misconceptions within various religions. Many think this is circle-jerking because they think most who are subscribed will automatically up-vote the posts for the sole fact that; they are correct (as example); " 'x' quote from 'x' religious text IS hateful and ignorant! Haha ".

Another large opinion about r/atheism is that every active member is an asshole. This stems from the fact that r/atheism often posts about how; 'x' religion is ridiculous for outlining 'x' idea which is clearly ignorant/hateful/ridiculous. In reality, the posts in r/atheism are not mean, but are often strongly opinionated against any form of hate, ignorance, and stifling of curiosity or knowledge inside of any religion; and easily-offended people claim that this makes the active members assholes.
Bob: "I'm subscribed to r/atheism!"

Jeff: "Screw them, it's a circle-jerk of assholes!"

Bob: "Jeff, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

Jeff: *sobs*
додав yayapfool 14 Серпня 2012
The biggest circlejerk on reddit.
I can't believe r/atheism's front page still consists of facebook arguments with fundies, Richard Dawkins quotes, and self-righteous self-criticism. It's worse than r/circlejerk.
додав unsubThatIsh 08 Липня 2012
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