I'm going to stand up for a mammoth and historic institution which is the one and only pillar of the United KINGDOM.

Without them, our country would be nothing but a pathetic and drone-like Republic like most of the rest of the worlds frankly boring and lacklustre nations.

Britian has something fantasticly different to be celebrated and yet again we have numbskulls kicking them down with cliche sentences about incest which quite honestly and brutally was not uncommon in the UK before the 19th century.

They are not perfect and neither would a "President" of Britain's family be if they were instated, and they're a damn sight cheaper than most would ever conceive them to be.

We like to think we want a republic because the grass is always greener on the other side, but as a nation we are still obsessed with the royals; they sell papers like nothing else, we watch their funerals and weddings in unprecedented numbers and they give us something to moan about when life is too cosy to be content with ourselves.
"the royal family are still there and that's where they'll stay"
додав britishandworried 4 Лютий 2005
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1) German fascists
2) Human example of inbreeding
3) Parasites
4) Waste of space
Alabama's a bit royal family. Now I think about it, so is most of America
додав NNNN 5 Травень 2005
Like all other Chav like Tax scrounging parasites (Benefit Cheats) of the UK, except with more money, more bling and a bigger council House (actually more houses aswell!)
Conversation in the royal family household(s):
Big Queen Vic: whose cumin out 4 a ride in da roll's royce I as just got dis well bangin album frm woolies wif da tax paye..err I mean my money. Tis called Chico Tym

Blingin Prince Arry: rrrr, that is some well bangin shit nan
додав tommy060289 1 Червень 2006
1)inbreds who sponge of taxpayers and make sure the Uk keeps its outdated laws and traditions
2) the reason loads of fat yanks come to the uk for a holiday
3) a rather amusing sit-com about a working class manchester family who's Patriarch farts a lot- considered high culture in britain and ireland -honest
додав bigmeuprudeboy 10 Вересень 2003
Slang for a gay couple. Implies that there are two flamboyant males--queens--in the relationship.
Turmoil broke out in the royal family when Steven got jealous of his boyfriend's tiara.
додав Katsu 8 Травень 2005

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