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A variation on the rusty trombone, the rusty French horn consists of a man giving a rim job to a woman, while also fisting her. This is reminiscent of a musician playing the French horn, as he places his hand in the bell of the horn to alter the pitch of the sound.
After she gave me a rusty trombone, I returned the favor with a rusty French horn.
додав Michael P. 04 Травня 2005
To eat a girl's ass while fingering her as if you were cupping a french horn while playing it.
I did the Rusty French Horn after the Opera.
#rusty #french #horn #french horn #trombone #rusty trombone
додав Kilowog1 24 Квітня 2008
To suck a guys dick and fist his asshole at the same time.
Yo motha fucka does your dick feel good,and does your ass hurt from the Rusty French-horn last night?!
#rusty #french #horn #sex #nasty
додав Zack Payne 03 Жовтня 2006
It's a take-off of the rusty trombone, where you 'toss the salad', but instead of the handjob, you insert your fingers like you're playing a french horn.
"Yeah, I played her like a rusty french horn!"
#rusty trombone #rimjob #toss the salad #fingering #finger bang
додав T-Bone, $chmu, 'Pep', B-Love, and Nipples 11 Квітня 2007
Performing analingus on a female while reaching around to fist her, similar to playing a french horn.
Wow, I never realized how loose this chick was until I gave her a rusty french horn.
#rusty trombone #analingus #cunnilingus #oral sex #fisting
додав Freddy-Wayne 09 Серпня 2007
the woman is lying on top of the man with buttox and vagina exposed and elevated. the man places left hand around womans leg, reaching clitoris with fingers, and stimulating thereafter. with right hand, he inserts however many fingers are necessary to reach maximum pleasure, while simultaneously rimming her anus. (ex. female version of the rusty trombone)
Bill gave me a rusty french horn, but I had some dingleberries that obstructed the air passage, so his tone was heavily affected.
#rusty trombone #rusty french horn #french horn #triple stimulation #rimming #cunnilingus #sex #oral sex #pleasure #fingering #clitoris #clit #anus #anal stimulation #asshole #puppies
додав Graceblaine StanQuinn 20 Березня 2006
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