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a wild girl that lives on the outskirts of Africa near jungles; a girl that journeys on many safaris in Africa
"You dumb safari girl!"
"Why are you being so adventurous you safari girl?!"
додав safari101 23 Грудень 2011

Слова пов'язані з safari girl

africa baby whore dumb girl gold digger home wrecker jungle safari slut sugar momma
Big game hunters, girls that try to have sex with famous men.
Lou: "Can you believe all the Safari Girls after Tiger Woods?"
Reece: "Huh?"
Lou: "Big game hunters, girls that have sex with famous guys."
Reece: "And hope to get pregnant and the bucks with it."
Lou: "That would be the Rhino's horn, hahaha."
додав Doc Irysch 22 Грудень 2009