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when you spray your man juice all over a womans boobies and then sit on them squishing the semen, thus giving her a "salty pancake."
Justin, sprayed her tits with jizz, but forgot to give her a salty pancake.
додав GaryC 1 Травень 2005

Слова пов'язані з salty pancake

bj blow job blumpkin chest cum girl load pancakes plowing rub salty pancakes stomach syrup
Its were you cum on a girls stomach and rub it in with your butt cheeks
i gave her a salty pancake
додав derek parsons 19 Лютий 2008
when a man is plowing a girl and notices a container of pancakes. he has no where to cum so he opens the pancakes and blows a load on top like syrup. (Optional-he makes girl eat pancakes)
Dude i just pulled a salty pancake with my girlfriend.
додав Brandl 13 Квітень 2011